Marios Koutsoukos was born in August, 1983. He is a bilingual author, writing in both his native Greek and in English.

He has a degree of French Language and Literature from the National University of Athens framed on his wall and a mess on his desk.

His first 100.000+ word epic fantasy novel was published when he was at the tender and impressionable age of 17. Little did he know then that this achievement would inevitably lead him down the ascetic rabbit hole of professional writing.

An amateur historian and antiquarian, he is deeply fascinated by ancient texts and old books, especially those dealing with the rare and curious instances recorded throughout the ages. 

He has traveled extensively across Europe by train getting into all sorts of adventures. Currently he lives on a farm, in Western Greece, near the ancient birthplace of the Olympic Games and the philosophical school of Skepticism, where he writes about other people’s adventures. 

For twelve months he served in the Greek army as a heavy artillery crewman and a military interpreter of French and English. 

Since 2001 he's been involved in the international Heavy Metal music scene (with a particular fondness for various sub-genres such as epic, folk, viking, power, and black / death metal), writing lyrics for bands in Greece as well as worldwide. Much like a bass-player, he cannot be considered a proper musician but rather someone who hangs out with artists a lot. 

He is also a Goodwill ambassador for cooperation, friendship and inter-species relationships between the genera felis silvestris catus, canis lupus familiaris and homo sapiens sapiens. Which is just a fancy way of saying he likes cats and dogs.