Ο Γουίλιαμ Έρνεστ Χένλεϊ (23 Αυγούστου 1849 – 11 Ιουλίου 1903) ήταν ένας από αυτούς...

Always be yourself; unless you can be a mountain

Always be yourself; unless you can be a mountain. Then always be a mountain. On top of the mountain, on the surface that everyone can see, there are trees. These trees sway and bend with the winds but they abide. Some are old and strong, some are young and frail; some wither and die while others in greenness thrive.  Underneath the trees there is the earth. Few ever notice it, but...

Εβαρβαρώθην χρόνιος ων εν Ελλάδι

«Κοίτα ρε που κατάντησα σαν βάρβαρος, όχι επειδή έλειπα για χρόνια από την...

Skeletons in the dining room

Who in their right mind decorates their dining room with skeletons, anyway? Well, the Greeks and Romans – that’s who. A 2,400-year-old unusual mosaic was quite recently discovered in the dining room of a villa, in the ancient Greek city of Antioch (modern-day Turkey's southern Hatay province). It depicts a human skeleton set against a black background, reclining leisurely with a...

The wonderful meaning of the word ‘writer’ in Greek

There are two kinds of people who fully realize the importance of words and the power that lies in their hidden meaning: writers and politicians; and even though both base their careers on the use of appropriate words, the former are not nearly as dangerous as the latter in the case they succeed. But that’s beside the point I want to make today. Since words are so important to writers,...

World Domination in a nutshell

World domination is a much simpler affair than one may initially think. After all, it’s literally about dominating the world. Let’s break that up, shall we?  What is the world but an ensemble of people? People who form a group; groups who form societies; societies who form countries; countries who form the international community spread across the face of this cozy little...
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