An archaeological dig, c. 3015

Field journal, November 21st, 3015 CE.  Dr. Thomas Vaughan, archaeologist-in-charge of the Manhattan dig, Einauge National University of the Reborn Principates of America    Day 1. Arrived on site today late in the afternoon. We barely had time to set up the inflatable habitation pods on base camp before nightfall. Most of our equipment is still packed away in crates on the...

Ελλάδα, τα νησιά σου!

O Τζόρτζ Γκόρντον Μπάιρον (1788-1824), ή απλώς Λόρδος Βύρων για τους περισσότερους, είναι...

Φιλίννιον και Μαχάτης : έρωτας πέρα από τον τάφο στην αρχαία Αμφίπολη

Η ιστορία που θα διαβάσετε μας έρχεται από τα βάθη των αιώνων και είναι πέρα για...

Everything happens for a reason: God as a writer

Have you ever wondered what’s the greatest story ever written? It’s this. I mean us, the world. History is not just written by kingdom-shaping wars, the edicts of emperors and the solemn acts or proclamations of political men: its eon-long pages are also filled with the works and days of our countless little lives, our hopes, fears, dreams, ambitions – our petty, shameful...

In the grip of Love

Love: possibly one of the most overused, abused, misunderstood, and exploited words today. But Love doesn’t mind. Everyone wants it, seeks it, wishes it to others, uses it, defines it at will. Yet Love endures. Even in the disillusioned and cynical world of today Love still finds root in the hearts of those who deny him. And I say ‘him’ because one of the most well-known...

On immensity

The night sky is still a great mystery, though not in the sense that it is something beyond the ken of our knowledge or incomprehensibly magical.  Paracelsus gives a very astute definition of the term ‘mystery’: the mystery of an oak tree, he says for instance, is the acorn. In that humble little acorn which fits in the palm of a child’s hand lies the potential life of a...
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