The Olympic iDeal

“Oh, bugger!” Brian cursed under his breath. “Not again!” The eon-propulsion drive of his time-travelling capsule wheezed and then abruptly stopped working altogether. The sudden deceleration threw Brian teeth-first into a panel full of twinkling red and yellow buttons. Fortunately, they did not serve a particular function. They were purely decorative and came standard...

The Lion of Susa

 It was the hundredth and fourteenth Olympiad, in the month of Gamelion, when we returned to the conquered city of Susa. It was high noon when the gates were opened before us and Hyperion’s eye, high in the sky, was enflaming the world below. A great crowd had gathered in the streets to greet our coming, Greeks and barbarians alike. Our countrymen cheered king Alexander and our noble...

The Reality of Fantasy

 …or the fantastical realism of life; or the realistic fantasies we harbor; or – oh, fuck it! You get the idea.Let’s talk shop today. Fantasy, in particular. Quite often when you say “I write fantasy for a living” people tend to hear “I make shit up for a living”. But that’s just because they’re mean, ignorant bastards.This may come as...
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