World Domination in a nutshell


World domination is a much simpler affair than one may initially think. After all, it’s literally about dominating the world. Let’s break that up, shall we? 

What is the world but an ensemble of people? People who form a group; groups who form societies; societies who form countries; countries who form the international community spread across the face of this cozy little planet. 

Domination is the exercise of great, if not absolute, power over the aforementioned people. And power is just another name for influence.

Therefore, it would be safe to assume that in order to achieve world domination one would have to win over people, influence their heart and minds. To put it in even simpler terms, it’s all about making people like you.

So, the first step for any aspiring world-dominator is to actually understand those around him – a feat easily accomplished just by listening to what others have to say and, at the same time, being able to figure out how each person’s mentality reacts to the various stimuli presented by daily life.

This way, a would-be overlord of the world is capable of communicating very well with people, always telling them what they want to hear. However, he must be ever cautious not to sound like an unopinionated drone but rather like a soul-mate: simply agreeing with others doesn’t cut it. A true world-dominator has a strong personality and yet a very versatile one. He is a social chameleon. 

He knows it is not essential to agree with someone or resort to flattery in order to gain the other’s confidence. At least not all of the time – and not outright. He lets others assume a lot more than he’s actually telling. This way, future denial of current positions and affiliations always remains open as an option to him. 

Having established his predominance in his immediate social circle a good world-dominator knows how to utilize the trust, faith and liking bestowed upon him in order to move upwards, into a wider circle, where he can gain even more influence and pour his whispers into attentive ears.

As one ascends the so-called “food chain” of power the more complicated and demanding the sacrifices he has to make become. Still, people are people in all echelons of the ruling pyramid and the aforementioned principle of being well-liked applies. And that is an aspirant’s goal. Even if it means burning effigies in absurd ceremonies in the woods or indulging in the occasional Kubrickesque masked orgy.

Do not be discouraged, by fellow would-be sovereigns of sheep-men! All the knowledge you will ever need will come to you if you only keep your eyes peeled, your wits sharp and about you – and your forked tongue ever eloquent.

Feel what others feel, weep with them and wish them well at their hour of joy; but never be a be a true philanthropist. Human emotions are stepping-stones to your ultimate goal, whatever that may be each time.

Always keep a low profile. Proud men of distinction who draw attention to themselves always incite hatred in others and often find themselves engaged in rivalries and thus impeded. 

It’s better to rule forever from the murk of the shadows than reign for a brief moment in all the radiant splendor of the sunlight.

Do not entirely discard your human nature, though. If people are to believe you they need to see true emotion in your eyes, hear passion in your voice and find you there by their side when no one else is to be found. 

Gallantry is the way of the world-dominator: deep down inside, everyone’s looking for a knight in shining armor to save their rotten day. 

Never trick anyone, nor talk behind another’s back for nothing stays hidden for too long. At least not without killing someone.

Never have enemies. It’s only weak people who clash head on with the opposition. A smart man fortifies himself in the dignity of his self-professed righteousness and is the first to brand his enemies with the despicable appellation of “bigot”, “intolerant”, “unscientific”, “irrational”, and a thousand other names which the followers of public opinion (an opinion he himself has forged) are programmed to find abhorrent and demeaning, even though they might not understand what they truly mean. 

Manipulate others so that they do the dirty job for you. Stay out of trouble and scandals by learning to master self-control. Sure enough many people would do business with a corrupt individual, even help him rise to power - but no one would trust him blindly and thus ensure his absolute dominion. 

For to trust someone means to be dominated by someone. 

Finally, keep in mind that world domination is an occupation with a wide range of positions available: maybe you just want to dominate only your intimate circle of friends; or that of your colleagues at work. Perhaps you want to mold the minds of your prospective clients, or those of the people of your prefecture, your country – why not, your entire continent? It doesn’t really matter. The formula is quite simple and in order to bring your end-game plan to fruition, however ambitious that may be, you always need to start from the bottom. 

Trust me on this. Why else would I tell you all of this? I’m your true friend. Oh, and here. Have an apple. 

Article Published: Saturday, 13 February 2016