An honest year’s work

I am pleased to announce that an honest year’s work has finally come to a close. And a glorious one at that: I just finished the almost-final draft of a 100.000 word (give or take) historical fiction adventure. There’s still some editing and word-polishing to be done, which I hope to sort through by the end of the month. As you may understand, I can’t reveal too much about it...

Minor updates

You may have noticed I’ve been fiddling around with the site, changing this and that, just as one would idly spit-shine the fender of a new car.  Today I added English translations to the titles and back blurbs of my published Greek works so as to give my English-speaking readers a rough idea of what it was all about back in my early “epic fantasy” period.  Looking...


Welcome to the official website of Marios Koutsoukos, author of adventures. As of today we are open to the public. Office hours do not apply. You know, because this is the internet and all that. Feel free to look around, see if anything catches your literary eye. There’s an “all-you-can-read” blog with short pieces of fiction and non-fiction, links to my published works and,...
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