Downcast Twilight - "Under the wings of the Aquila"

There. I’ve done it again – I’ve stuck my dirty literary fingers in yet another amazing music project.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you DOWNCAST TWLIGHT and their brand-new debut album, “Under the wings of the aquila”.

Dowcast Twilight is a coalition of very talented and passionate musicians from around the world, delivering you the finest in raw, powerful, epic and melodic death metal.

It is an honor and a sincere pleasure to work alongside such driven and skilled musicians and I hope that you will thoroughly enjoy the effort of our combined labors.

“Under the wings of aquila” is an album touching exclusively upon Roman history and mythology. Be warned though; each Downcast Twilight album will be dedicated to the theme of a different culture / ancient civilization – so this is only the beginning.

Because, who said that you can’t be a history nerd AND a badass metal-god at the same time?


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Band Website : https://www.facebook.com/downcasttwil...

Music Player :

Lyrics : Marios Koutsoukos
Rhythm Guitars: OGregoMixMaster
Vocals : Vitold Buznaev
Lead Guitars: Jan "2thousandarrows" 
Bass : Jan Banaś
Violin : Shannon Lee Stott-Rigsbee

Guest performances :

Acoustic Guitar in “REX NEMORENSIS” : Michalis Elafros
Vocals in "Death in Alexandria" : Eva Oswald
Vocals in "The Red Queen" : Hildr Valkyrie
Fretless bass solo in "The Red Queen" : Chris Zindros

Mixed and mastered by OGregoMixMaster
Email : [email protected]
or : [email protected]

Article Published: Wednesday, 30 November 2016