SACRED BLOOD - "Argonautica"


Sacred Blood, Greece’s finest epic/power metal band, are back with a brand new album – “Argonautica”. 

Why is this on here? Because yours truly had the honor and the pleasure of collaborating with the band for the second time (since their last album, “Alexandros”), and is the man responsible for the lyrics. 

“Argonautica” is a concept album, narrating the classical tale of Jason and the Argonauts, as they quest “to lands no man hath seen” to find the Golden Fleece through epic, powerful melodies with symphonic orchestrations accompanied by a variety of folk instruments.

Did you know that according to the 10th century AD Suda lexicon, under the entry “Deras” (Skin), we read that the Golden Fleece was not an animal pelt with golden hair, as is reported in poetry, but a book written on skins, concerning the transmutation of base metals into gold through alchemy – and it was for this reason people called this skin “golden”, because of the function which arose from it? 

But that’s totally beside the point. Sacred Blood’s “Argonautica” follows the version of the story according to Apollonius Rhodius’ narrative.

Make sure to check out their official website at www.sacred-blood.com and hit them up on YouTube for a taste of their music.

Sacred Blood are:

Epeios Focaeus – vocals

Polydeykis – guitars, keyboards, bass

George Karahalios – drums

“Argonautica” was released through Pitch Black Records (www.pitchblackrecords.com) and will be available in Europe, the USA and Canada.

Mixed and mastered by the one and only Vangelis Yalamas (www.vangelisyalamas.com) @ Fragile Studio.

Kirsi Salonen (www.kirsisalonen.com) is the talented artist responsible for the cover artwork.

An array of amazing guest musicians also participates in various bits and pieces of the album – my apologies for not recalling their names at the present moment. 

I’m sure you’ll enjoy this album as much as I did, since it’s a labor of genuine love for music and storytelling, combined. 



Article Published: Tuesday, 07 April 2015